NutraKey Red Deer Antler

By  Marc Meyer July 22, 2013 0 Reviews

Nutrakey Red Deer Antler

Red Deer Antler by Nutrakey purportedly increases natural testosterone levels, enhances muscle performance, stimulates growth hormone production, and increases energy levels with only one ingredient.

The manufacturer claims caught my attention. So, I researched Red Deer Antler to find out if it’s truly effective.


Nutrakey Red Deer Antler is formulated with a single ingredient: 500 mg of New Zealand red deer antler velvet.

Deer velvet is extracted from young deer antlers and is believed to increase testosterone, improve fertility, increase sexual desire, and treat male sexual performance problems like erectile dysfunction. However, deer antler’s benefits and effects are subject for debate.

According to some medical authorities, evidence supporting deer velvet testosterone-boosting effects are preliminary and insufficient. [1] [2]

In one study, 32 subjects received either 1350 mg New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet (NZDAV) two times a day or a placebo over a 10-week period. Prior to and immediately after supplementation, all test subjects underwent maximal aerobic capacity, maximal power output, bench press, and squat tests.

Results show NZDAV users experienced significant improvements in bench press and squat, as compared to the placebo group. But, despite these increases, significant changes in peak power, average power, or time-to-peak power for either group following an intervention period were not observed.

Researchers add, “it is important to point out that there was a reduction in peak and average power following the intervention period which was significant for the placebo group but not for the NZDAV group.” [3]

Furthermore, one study examined deer velvet’s effect on sexual function and hormone levels.

During a 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 32 test subjects ages 45-65 were given either 250 mg deer velvet or a placebo and underwent 2 questionnaires and blood baseline tests prior to and after 12 week supplementation. Research reveals there was neither a significant difference in sexual behavior nor were there changes in hormone levels in the deer velvet group when compared to the placebo. [4]

Is Red Deer Antler Safe?

There are no reported side effects associated with Nutrakey Red Deer Antler. Additionally, deer velvet side effects are also unknown. More testing and research is required.

Medical authorities warn against use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding due to lack of scientific research. Also, deer velvet use should be avoided in hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, as deer velvet might act like an estrogen. [2]

Recommended Use

Take 1 capsule (250 mg) with any beverage 2 times a day. Take the first dose in the morning and the second dose one hour prior to lunch.

Where to Purchase Nutrakey Red Deer Antler

Nutrakey Red Deer Antler may be purchased through a various websites:

• $24.95
• $23.99, or 2 bottles for $45.99
• $24.99
• $24.99
• $24.99

The last three sites offer full refunds for unopened returns up to 30 days.

Nutrakey Red Deer Antler is cheaper than most other deer antler products I saw while researching.

More About Nutrakey

Established in 2006, Nutrakey is a manufacturing and trading company based out of Qingdao, China. Revenue for the company is reportedly $1-$5 million. [5]

Additionally, Nutrakey Industries, Inc. is also known for their low-calorie sweeteners: Maxweet and HiStevia.

The manufacturer states all Nutrakey products are verified by unique CERP principles: “Customer First,” “Excellent Quality Price Ration,” “Responsible and Honest Attitude,” “Problems Free.”

Final Thoughts

Nutrakey Red Deer Antler is an average deer antler velvet supplement. It may help increase muscle mass and performance, but claims supporting its ability to increase testosterone or HGH levels remain unsubstantiated. It is affordable, so if you are interested in trying to build muscle, this may be a product to check out.


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